Consultancy & Training

To maintain high product quality and heat treatment efficiency, it is always advisable to have operators with certain skills and to upgrade their skills. TRATERME offers a series of training programs covering all kinds of topics and has the threefold aim of:

  • Upgrading operator skills
  • Optimising system utilisation
  • Maximising productivity in both commercial and technical aspects

One special feature of the TRATERME training program is the close link between theory and practice. Newly acquired technical knowledge is thus applied, making for a deeper understanding of heat treatment.
TRATERME offers training services to technicians on the customer’s premises, on the worksite and on their own premises. Training is carried out by experienced and qualified technicians.

Currently the Traterme training program is supported by EWF (European Federation for Welding) – SPECIAL COURSE – PERSONEL WITH THE RESPONSABILITY FOR THE HEAT TREATMENT OF WELDED JOINTS. The program is divided into 3 levels (BASIC, STANDARD and COMPREHENSIVE). At the moment the company is undergoing an accreditation process by DGERT.

The most requested training is:

  • Review of skills, principles and practices in the metallurgical field
  • Industry specific use and applications
  • Calibration, verification and maintenance of equipment
  • Use and maintenance of heat treatment units
  • Others

TRATERME customers are guaranteed a punctual, reliable supplier and a partner willing to share goals and know-how, prepared to suggest the most appropriate solution for any application. We therefore consider that we have something special to offer in our field of expertise. Our customers can be assured that their specific problems or projects will be handled professionally and that we always have one main goal – to satisfy your needs.

In today’s competitive market, customers pay their suppliers to obtain the best results: projects carried out in a safe, timely and efficient manner.
TRATERME and its consultancy and training services have a positive effect on these results by offering a fully comprehensive service.
Our experts will help you every time you need to solve complex heat treatment problems. Contact us.


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